Freeze the Moment; Cherish the Time

Freeze the Moment; Cherish the Time

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Capturing Images that Stand the Test of Time

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide beautiful and timeless photographs capturing the precious moments of people’s lives. We strive to ensure their memories are captured exactly as they envision them. We are dedicated to using our creative skills and expertise to produce high-quality photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime.

I would recommend Allan for any event!

“Allan recently did my wedding photos. He is the best!! He captured the best photos and we couldn’t be happier with the pictures!!

—Tina S.

Allan Wolf Photographer
Allan Wolf

Allan Wolf is a photographer based in Tilton, NH. His fascination with photography started at a young age when his mother handed him a Polaroid Instant Camera. His interest in photography only grew from there.

Today Allan Wolf owns two successful businesses centered around his love of photography. His first business: Allan Wolf Photography is dedicated to portrait and fine art photography. His second endeavor is the commercial visual arts company: WolfReel Visuals, this business is centered around commercial visual arts. WolfReel Visuals offers clients: commercial photography, videography, and graphic design services.

Because both of these endeavors involve considerable travel, Allan Wolf is allowed to constantly keep his photographic passion thriving. He does this in part by chronicling the world around him and planning epic fantasy-based portraits.

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